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You want to improve candidate experience?

Reimbi issues over 90% of interview expense reimbursements the same day expenses are approved.

Candidates Love It!
Hiring Teams Love It! Accounting Loves It!
— Sara, Director of Talent Acquisition, Consumer Goods Company


Your Problems Solved

disappointed Candidates

Should it take 4-6 weeks to reimburse a candidate for interview travel expenses? Of course not! That’s a terrible candidate experience. With Reimbi, over 90% of reimbursements are issued the same day the expenses are approved.

has that expense report been paid?

Candidates don't know if their expense report is approved or paid and most of the time neither do you. Solve that! Reimbi provides real time status notifications via text or email for you and your candidates.

candidates are not vendors!

Accounting and procurement people, we know your pain. You don’t want candidate data in your vendor database. With Reimbi, you never have to see another candidate reimbursement muddy your spend reporting!



You Have Better Things To Do

Together recruiting and accounting teams spend 81 minutes on average to process one expense report!

Reimbi knocks that down to under 5 minutes.

Whether your company reimburses 5 candidates a month or 500, Reimbi frees your time for higher priorities.


I am very happy with Reimbi. It has made my life so much easier!
— Courtney, Senior Recruiter, Aviation & Aerospace Company