Candidate Reimbursement Reimagined


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Let's talk about campus (university) recruiting


Getting an interview with a company in a new city can be super exciting for a student. The opportunity to travel on site to meet in person is a mixture of hope and nervousness. One thing that candidates shouldn't have to worry about is how the expenses for their travel will be handled. Here are some tips for campus recruiting programs:

* Be 100% clear on what the company will and will not pay for as part of the trip. These candidates may never have been on a business trip. Distribute a candidate reimbursement policy when the candidate is scheduled to come on site. 

* Ideally pay for airfare and hotel directly. These are large expenses that students and recent students may not have the funds or credit to cover. 

* Reimburse quickly. The candidate may have broke open the piggy bank, borrowed from friends and family or put the expenses on a credit card. In any case, making a candidate wait 4-6 weeks to be reimbursed is an unfair practice and puts your company in a bad light. Your company doesn't want a bad reputation on campus.   

These steps may seem very basic, but they go a long way towards improving the candidate experience for campus recruiting programs. 

David Heller