Candidate Reimbursement Reimagined


Updates from Team Reimbi

Early August Release Notes

Here is a quick overview of changes you will see in Reimbi next time you login (if you haven't noticed them already!). 

No need to enter the requester (candidate) phone number

When creating a candidate in Reimbi you no longer will be asked to enter a phone number for that person. If the candidate chooses to be notified by text for reimbursement status then they will be prompted to enter their phone number on their profile.

Requesters can now indicate they don't have expenses  

Sometimes an interview is cancelled or the candidate doesn't incur reimbursable expenses. Before this release, either the candidate or the recruiter would contact to have the candidate's account deactivated and to stop the reminder emails. Now candidates can just click a link in the reminder email and the requester's account will be made inactive and the reminder emails will stop. 

New requester management options for recruiters and admins

When needed, you can now deactivate a requester account directly in Reimbi. You also have the ability to resend the invitation email if a requester has lost the original email. These actions are done by opening the candidate record in Reimbi and clicking the account status button.  

Account status and approver information 

In the list of requesters you will now see the requester status ('Invitation Pending', 'Active', 'Inactive') displayed. Active indicates the requester has logged into Reimbi and is eligible to submit new expenses. Inactive means the requester can no longer submit expenses, Invitation Pending means the requester has not yet logged into Reimbi

Reimbi also now shows the name of the approver in the list of expense reports. This is either the designated approver or the person who actually approved the expense report depending on expense report status. 

For a short video introduction to managing requester status check out the Managing Requester (Candidate) Status video on our videos page:

That's all for now. Look forward to a release update later this month regarding expansion to currencies beyond USD!

David Heller